​A Look Behind the Scenes at R&R Tactical, LLC

​A Look Behind the Scenes at R&R Tactical, LLC

Posted by Annie Axtt on 17th Dec 2022

An employee’s view of what makes this place so much more than an FFL…

When tragedy strikes close to home, be it immediately family, or the extended family made up from our customer base, R&R Tactical feels it and responds.

Businesses get countless requests for donations, sponsorships, charitable support or even for the simply to set up a spot to sell Girl Scout cookies in the store, your favorite local FFL steps up for the sake of the community. They serve the area more than you may know.

The owners of R&R Tactical, Rudy and Roby Chavez, are generous souls with beautiful hearts. R&R Tactical is a Veteran/Retired Law Enforcement, and Woman owned business, so it may not be surprising that a man who, his entire adult life, has chosen careers that are the ultimate examples of “To Protect and Serve”, being a triple purple heart honored veteran who protected and served of our country, or through the protect and serve motto of his time with the Sherrif’s Department, those career choices show how much the citizens of our country or the members of a community mean to this husband and wife team.

The requests for donations must be carefully considered, because their generous heart’s desire to fulfill them all, but as a business that opened during COVID, and finished its first full year of operation this past June, this young company has participated in more cries for help than any startup company could normally commit to.

Rudy and Robyn respond to help heal hearts of their “customer family” when unthinkable tragedies strike, like helping with the funeral expenses for children who have become angels way too soon or by organizing a fundraiser to help with the hospital bills and providing gift certificates to the first responders who were first on the scene when we lost a beloved member of the R&R Tactical extended family. Their response is immediate, and urgency to comfort is ever present with this couple.

Thankfully, however, the requests are not always in response to a tragedy; sometimes R&R Tactical gets the honor of simply offering support to an event that can help enhance or empower someone’s life. They have helped fund horseback riding lessons for a child to make a positive impact on her life, or by doing a free concealed carry course for the teachers of our community to give them the confidence and safety education on how they can feel empowered in an ever increasingly volatile work environment. R&R Tactical also jumps in for Veteran supported events by donating items like ammo, or practice clays, not to mention the non-perishable food drives that benefit the Fisher House for Veterans. There are also events that support local law enforcement like the American Fork K9 Department, the Utah County Sheriff’s Department, and holiday events like Shop with a Cop, Veteran’s Secret Santa, or Operation Pay if Forward. With in-store events, R&R Tactical has an Angel Tree, as well as having barrels for collections of non-perishable food items, toy donations or personal hygiene donations going on right now for local families in need.

R&R Tactical also flexed their support when a local food industry business struggled to survive the Pandemic and is still having a rocky future due to a shortage in people who are willing to work in that field. They support this business by offering staffing help through sending their R&R Tactical employees to help during the lunch rush, or by purchasing large lunch orders that they donate. They also support them by having them be our Go-to-Caterer for our store events. They even did a specially priced concealed carry course event hosted by this Saratoga Springs restaurant. Rudy and Robyn are there, R&R Tactical is there.

Sometimes the donation request may be as simple as replacing a Tactical Vest that was damaged in the line of duty for a member of a security team or participating in special pricing for guns for our law enforcement officers, or even events that require the donation of physical labor of sweat equity that is not a financial donation, but instead, something just a precious, personal time. The example of this is the Range Clean Up Days that R&R Tactical organizes voluntarily at Soldier’s Pass Shooting Range, and we are always joined by a surprising number of our extended R&R Tactical customer family to help.

So, whether it is a monetary donation, a donation that represents having an impact on a person’s life, Veteran and Law Enforcement events, a response to a cry for help from a local small business, or community clean up events; R&R Tactical is there still Protecting and Serving in more ways than you may have realized. Our family is ever expanding and has no limit to the number of places at “our table,” we would like to invite you to the R&R Tactical family.