The Gift of Giving: A Cry for Help

The Gift of Giving: A Cry for Help

Posted by Annie Axtt on 18th Nov 2022

The R&R Tactical Family in Saratoga Springs Responds to a Cry for Help…

We long for the crisp chill in the air, and the snow to appear on our mountains to tell us the holidays are just around the corner. The Christmas decorations start arriving in the store, usually a little earlier than we would like to see them; still, it creates the sense of “permission” to start decorating our houses, inside and out for the anticipated arrival of Santa and his sleigh.

For some families, there is more of a dread that this season is coming, especially when it means the simple basic needs that can be expensive, like winter coats, can be more than they can possibly afford. There is no looking ahead with excitement for these families, their focus is merely survival during our frigid winter months. The oldest children who are of age to get part time work while still attending high school, just to help their family’s burden, may be working in an environment that exposes them to getting sick without proper winter clothes.

The R&R Tactical Family, an FFL located in Saratoga Springs, Utah, responds to these calls for help when they get word of these incredible stories of a family who is just barely getting by but falling short of having the basic needs. I say the R&R Tactical Family because it’s goes beyond the staff that works in the store. We also have a very generous customer base that we embrace as members of our company’s family, and they jump in to help without hesitation.

Thanks to the generosity of all involved, this family now has the coats they need for the children, even for the 17-year-old who does not ask for, nor expect anything, and now has so much food for their refrigerator that it won’t all fit.

This is not a “feel good” story for the holidays, this is a tragic reality that happens year around, so when you see an opportunity where you are inspired to help, please do.

R&R Tactical LLC will be working hard this holiday season with collection barrels for ongoing canned food drives, toy donations, and basic hygiene needs, as well as doing an Angel Tree to help more of these local families. Please come into the shop and join us in making this holiday season sparkle for the families that are merely trying to find a way to survive through it.

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