Book Club Night

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R&R Tactical, LLC welcomes you to “Book Club Night”

Once a month we will be choose a topic to cover. It could be anything from maintenence, storage or a firearm. We will covr topics such as cleaning, making proper selections, storage and when it comes to firearms, how to break them down, clean them, reassemble them and do a functions check. All this at no cost.

Firearm/topic will vary from class to class. We will try to post on Facebook what the class will be and update it along with the dates and times here.

Friday night club will start at 7:15 pm.
Saturday night club will start at 5:15 pm.
Classes typically lasts 1-2 hours long.

Please register so we know how many to expect. We will cap registration at 20 to keep each class personable. We will have several gunsmiths and instructors on site to help with questions.

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