HUXWRX Flow 762 TI + Muzzle Break Kit

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HUXWRX FLOW 762 Ti + 762 Muzzle Brake KIT
Available in Black or FDE

This Suppressor comes with a Muzzle Brake QD 762 5/8x24 & a wrench

Lighter and quieter than its predecessor, the FLOW 762 Ti sets a new standard for suppression. The latest evolution in Flow-Through® technology delivers above and beyond toxic fume mitigation, accuracy, and repeatability. By 3D-printing entirely with Grade 5 titanium, the FLOW 762 Ti is the lightest rifle suppressor to come from HUXWRX Safety Co. without sacrificing quality, longevity, durability, or functionality. This innovative multi-caliber suppressor utilizes patented and proven Flow-Through® and Torque Lock® technologies. The FLOW 762 Ti is full-auto rated and compatible on 5.56, 6.5, and 7.62 platforms with no barrel restrictions. No modifications (other than QD muzzle device) to the platform or gas system are required to install or operate this suppressor. Fully optimized for flash reduction. FLOW Suppressors are the future of suppression, Compromise Elsewhere.

Compatible with Muzzle Brake-QD 762, Flash Hider-QD 762, and Flash Hider -QD AK (762)

WEIGHT: 11.8 oz /335 g
OVERALL LENGTH: 6.7 in / 17.2 cm
DIAMETER: 1.8 in / 4.6 cm

DURABILITY: Passes minimum of 6 SOCOM Reliability Stress Test Cycles
shown in Table 1.

COATING/FINISH: C-Series Cerakote™ Matte Black or FDE
(color options available)

Installation & Removal
1. Not all barrel threads are concentric. To check the concentricity of
the system, use an alignment rod of the proper caliber.
2. Red Loctite can be used when installing the muzzle device to
ensure it does not come loose.
3. The effort to remove the suppressor after firing may be increased.
4. Removing a hot suppressor requires an adjustable wrench. Once
cooled, the suppressor can be removed by hand.
Cleaning & Maintenance
1. Pre-soaking the suppressor in a CLP-type cleaner will decrease
carbon and copper buildup.
2. Clean the suppressor every 2500-3000 rounds. Frequent cleaning
may extend suppressor life.
3. Ultrasonic cleaners are safe to use on QD suppressors.

Clean the QD muzzle device and suppressor mounting surfaces.
Buildup can be removed with CLP-type cleaners and a nylon or wire
To clean inaccessible areas, submerge the suppressor in CLP-type
cleaners for 24 hours. After soaking, allow access solvent to drain.
NOTE: Additional debris and solvent may “shoot out” of the
suppressor during subsequent fire.

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