​R&R Tactical, LLC.: Modern "Green" Indoor Range

​R&R Tactical, LLC.: Modern "Green" Indoor Range

Posted by Rudy Chavez - Owner on 3rd May 2023

        R&R Tactical's new Indoor Range facility in Saratoga Springs has been designed with the most modern and safe indoor range and HVAC equipment available today. R&R's indoor ranges will utilize Rubber Berm bullet traps made from 100% recycled chopped rubber and are designed to safely capture fired bullets as well as allow for easy recycling and reuse of the collected lead. Likewise, all spent brass casings from fired bullets are 100% recycled and reused. The state-of-the-art HVAC filtration systems for the indoor ranges are guaranteed to meet all OSHA, NIOSH and EPA regulations using 2 stage HEPA filtration to provide actual "hospital" quality air for the shooters inside. The air that is exhausted from the range is actually cleaner than the city's air that enters the range.

The shooting ranges have been designed similarly to a bunker, with thick solid concrete walls and ballistic ceilings to ensure the safety of both customers and the surrounding community. The same shooting range design standards that are used on Law Enforcement and many U.S. Military indoor ranges. Advanced wireless target retriever systems include built in LED lighting, wireless target cameras, hit sensors and 360° turning targets for advanced training scenarios as well as engaging target shooting.

        Tablet controls allow shooters to send a digital copy of their shot target to their phone by simply scanning a QR code. Ballistic shooting stalls with muzzle blast shields and advanced acoustical treatments on the walls of the ranges further reduce the sound in the range for a better shooting experience. R&R Tactical is expected to become the most advanced indoor range in the state of Utah.

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